Economic, Political, and International Influences on Reinsurance

Thu, 10/13/2016 - 09:27

At our October meeting Greg Lockard, Director of Reinsurance Operations at Shelter Reinsurance provided a very interesting presentation on how various economic, political, and international aspects are all impacting reinsurance including:

  • a strong US dollar,
  • a soft market,
  • low interest rates,
  • Solvency II,
  • ongoing discussions about insurance regulation, and
  • investor interest in insurance as an asset class (alternative capital)

Of special interest to US-based reinsurance companies is the impact of Solvency II and issues with the US and European Union regarding a covered agreement addressing foreign reinsurance collateral and US "equivalence."

See a related Op-Ed article in the Columbia Daily Tribune written by Rick Means, President & CEO of Shelter Insurance.

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