Earthquake Insight Field Trip Reminder

Fri, 02/26/2016 - 13:43

As you may recall, at the October 2015 meeting, Phyllis Steckel from Earthquake Insights, LLC provided a presentation on Earthquake and Fracking Hazards in the Central US. At that meeting, Phyllis mentioned she is leading the 12th annual Earthquake Insight Field Trip in April. Registration for that field trip opens March 1st.  In case anyone is interested in attending, here is a copy of the information Phyllis provided last fall about the field trip:

Earthquake Insight Field Trip
Friday (4PM) April 1 - Sunday (mid-afternoon) April 3

This is the 12th annual Earthquake Insight Field Trip. It starts in Cahokia, Ill., which is located across the Mississippi River from downtown St. Louis, MO. This field trip originally began as an outreach event by the US Geological Survey; but due to budget cuts, it is now a volunteer effort led by geoscientists. Professionals, students, and interested citizens are welcome.

Visit geologic features, historic sites, and important structures that show the earthquake history of the central US. Learn about earthquake hazards, infrastructure vulnerabilities, and earthquake risks in the field.

There is no cost for the field trip and guide book. Lodging, meals, and transportation (carpools) are to be arranged and are the individual responsibility of each participant. The route is 450 miles (round trip) from St. Louis. The first overnight is in Chester, Ill., and the second overnight is in Dyersburg, Tenn.

Professional Development Hours (PDHs) my be possible via the University of Missouri-Columbia.

For the FAQs, please contact Phyllis Steckel at or 636-239-4013.

Registration opens March 1, 2016. 

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