Current State of Media in the Insurance Industry

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 15:15

At our March meeting Matt Greer, Public Affairs Director at State Farm Insurance provided a very interesting presentation on how media - and the insurance industry's relationship with media - has changed since the 1990s. In the 90s, we looked primarily to newsprint and TV or radio news reports for information about the insurance industry. Very few would be surprised to learn the primary delivery of information has moved to a digital format.  He talked about several hot topics (such as transportation network companies, the explosion in the use of drones and autonomous vehicles for examples) and the impact of social media on the the industry.

Matt discussed how the insurance industry's relationship with the media has evolved from a reactive response (responding to questions from the media about how storm claims were processed for example) to more of a proactive partnership where we work with media to help educate the public about things the insurance industry is doing to keep costs down, help consumers avoid fraud, and improve customer service.

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